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9 Nov 2011 | FINDING EMELIE Saville Theater, with Jeff and Sally Smith

Author Laurel Corona introduces another historical novel in style!  Directed by Katie Rodda and dressed in layers of period costume, Jeff will be reading the part of French Philosopher Voltaire and Sally plays Emelie du Chatelet, the female scientist (and Voltaire's lover) who was unacknowledged in her own time for her brilliant work translating Newton's Principia, bringing these scientific theories to light.  City College president Terrence Burgess plays the Comte du Buffon and Karla Agapay is the sweet Lili.

Professor Sophia Laurein provides historical context.  Terry Wilson choreographs beautiful dance performances.  Part of the World Cultures program, this multimedia presentation is a free event.



Wednesday, November 9


14th and C Streets



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